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Syntropic Mentoring and Consulting uses an integral approach

Develop the Steward Leader

Development of our Steward Leadership capabilities and capacities is a journey not a destination. One clear indication of success will be that the leader will spend minimal time on internal relational issues.

Apply the Syntropic Principles

The Syntropic Principles are a reframe of almost every business-as-usual tool. It takes time to unlearn, learn and become fluent in the new models and language. The process is often ‘to go fast, slow down.” Like an exponential curve, once momentum is reached, we might fly.

Create a culture of collaboration, self management and integral development

The culture of a Syntropic Enterprise is one of the key indicators of success. Synergy – where the outcomes are exponentially greater than anticipated – occurring consistently because we have the relational dynamic in outstanding shape, is an intention we hold.

Create products and services that truly serve a Syntropic World

We are not aiming for perfection. We are aiming to step clearly and boldly towards products and services that leave everything better, in all domains.

Evolve the teams ability to respond to increasing complexity and emergence

Development of everyone and all of our services is inbuilt into our enterprise architecture. We get to grow up as we create and build a Syntropic Enterprise. Accountability. Responsibility. Integrity

Ensure all elements, actions and people are in integrity at all times

Integity is the essence of Syntropy. Everything we do in a Syntropic Enterprise is designed in integrity. Transparent. Collaborative. Dignified. Synergistic. Everyone is held to account. Zero Exploitation. Zero colonisation.

We offer two pathways to Syntropic Mentoring and Consulting

1-1 Mentoring

1. Each year Christine McDougall has 4 places at any one time for 1-1 mentoring. Each offering is bespoke to the situation, to suit your need, timing and budget.

2. We have a global team of Syntropic Coaches to suit your exact needs. Many of them have their own speciality area which gives you the opportunity to find deeply aligned coaches fluent in the Syntropic Principles.

We do it for you!

This is for businesses that seek to bring Syntropic Principles into their workplace either in whole or a part.

1. Comprehensive understanding of the current ecology and the desired future.

2. A co-created design response that ensures an appropriate or minimal amount of distruption.

3. We get to work bringing in our Syntropic Coaching team as needed.

4. There is a constant iterative and reflective process. Not one strategy driven through, rather a step-by-step design that responds elegantly to emergence.

Meet our Syntropic Coaches

Colleen Reichrath-Smith, Netherlands

Colleen Reichrath-Smith, trained international career coach and co-author of A Career in Your Suitcase, supports you to recognise, create and navigate your way towards your personally meaningful future. Re-member your story, find your resonant voice and clarify your direction to navigate the unique career path that syntropically aligns with who you are.

Benny Wallington, Australia

Benny has spent the last 5–10 years curiously creating movements for endangered species protection and healthy boozing. In 2021 he designed a prototype with SW alumni Steve Brophy to share the Syntropic Audit. Its simplicity and versatility means it can be used from bomb shelters to boardrooms. Currently raising funds for resilient regenerative hubs using renewable energy with First Nations knowledge centres partnering with another SW alumni, Bob Beth.

Marianne Wyne, Canada

Grew up on farms in Kenya & Denmark. Lived in six countries. Travelled in 45. Outdoor enthusiast. Worked in the corporate world for 25. Now I lead a Syntropic startup focused on regenerative agriculture & rebuilding regional food supply chains. My work makes my soul sing.

Paula Kensington, Australia

As a commercial finance executive Paula’s focus always centres around performance and that has many depths in terms of individual, teams, organisations and global industries. Exploring the measures that matter to each of us in business and as individuals, always having the ROI on everything that she does close to her heart, balancing performance with passion and compassion.

Prof. Michael Friebe, PhD, Germany

German engineer, researcher, innovator, founder, inventor, and business angel. Interested to combine exponential technologies and disruptive thinking for democratization of health and education. Michael is on the faculty of TUM + OVGU (Germany), AGH (Poland), and QUT (Australia), inventor of >100 patents, author of >300 articles, and has started over 35 start-ups.

Henk Hadders, Netherlands

Henk is a former executive director of the board of a mental health Institute in The Netherlands, who after his retirement is working for the commons & the common good. He is an advisory board member of the Center for Sustainable Organizations, advocation partner of R3.0 and member of the Syntropic World community

Manuela Damant, Netherlands

10 years as Underwriter and Risk & Insurance Advisor at Shell International. Escaped the city to become a coach in 2004. Believes in the potential of organisations to become forces for good. Encourages women to embrace their innate collaborative and purpose driven leadership power to create a better world for all. Passionate about shared leadership and new models of organisational structures.

Nikki Thompson, Australia

Nikki is a weaver and always has been. Attracted to different strands and polarities, slowly  witnessing their transformation into emerging syntropic web of possibilities. She is blessed to live with a man who has deep roots in the land and together they are weaving new ways forward as land custodians in rural Australia.

Rosh Evans, Dubai

Exploring what it means to be a human being untangled from the social construct.

Mila Aliana, UK

Mila is a senior consultant with a wealth of commercial acumen and expertise in diverse industries, sectors and cultures. She navigates within ecosystems of multiple actors, co-experimenting social innovations and transformational experiential initiatives, to co-experiment together on remembering ‘We as Nature’ and our original instructions as Guardians of Life.

Paul Epping, Netherlands

Serial entrepreneur. Top 200 Global Powerlist of Leadership Thought Leaders to Follow. Global keynote speaker. Executive coach. Forward-looking mentality. Multi-cultural professional experiences related to innovation and transformation projects. Curious by design. Events always happen in systems. Background: clinician, psychologist, philosopher, information technologist. Co-founder and Chairman of Xponential, a transformation platform (Dubai).

Dorothy Oger, Belgium

Dorothy connects you with your brilliance through coaching and poetry.  She is the author of the poem “For Love” gone viral with over 70 language translations by the internet community.  She is a trilingual facilitator and trainer with 20+ years in the industry, a certified NLP Trainer and systemic facilitator.

Steve Brophy, Australia

Steve is an educator, innovator and peak performance expert. He’s incredibly passionate about technology, play and neuroscience positively impacting humanity. Steve believes the greatest gift to ourselves is the gift of lifelong learning to explore brave new worlds and connect deeply with people from all walks of life. His mission is to work with people to help them rediscover playfulness to solve wicked problems.

Rachelle Armstrong, Australia

Rachelle and Justin’s business, Soil Restoration Farming’s purpose is to heal the planet through agriculture.  They are driven by people being their own kind of different, which is what is needed to grow the regenerative agriculture movement, building new models that make the existing degenerative models obsolete.  The source idea is to connect people with each other and the land. 

Sarah Scott, Tanzania

Founder and executive director of The Kilimanjaro Project, a large scale ecosystem restoration project at the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru. Chief Steward of the Kijani Pamoja movement (an African urban regreening movement).  Sarah curates creative events, service activities and impact workshops. 

Daria Nashat, Belgium

Daria Nashat is a community-builder and international speaker and trainer on leadership, resilience strategies, new narratives, and the co-founder of ‘Women in Politics’. Prior to founding her own business, she worked in the field of peacebuilding, refugee return, and community-building.

Murray Galbraith, Australia

Best known as co-founder and advisor to some of Australia’s biggest tech events, Murray has spent 15+ years as a creative and strategist, working across media, advertising, technology and events.
In addition to running, he is Head of Design for Rain Protocol, a founding board member of Aboriginal Art Co and countless other super fun side projects.

Mark Treleaven, Bali

Mark brings over 35 years of software development and professional services consulting background at PwC, McKinsey & Company and his own firms. He has focused on transformative innovation/disruptive technologies. Mark has built teams to deliver multi-million dollar enterprise-class initiatives and solutions. Clients of “CIO-on-demand” include a disruptive equipment financing blockchain project, an AI/IOT predictive maintenance, crypto-marketplaces, and transforming how teachers teach math across Canada.

How Syntropic Mentoring and Consulting works

Complete the Application form

We keep it simple and easy to complete.

We schedule a mutually agreeable inquiry call

This call allows you to determine if Syntropic Mentoring and Consulting is the right fit for you. It also allows Syntropic World to determine if we are the right solution for you.

A Syntropic Mentoring and Consulting Agreement is prepared for signing

Most of our work is bespoke to fit timelines, budgets and cultural ecologies. While we might recommend a fixed term, our agreement never insists on a fixed term. The relationship needs to work. If it does not, it is ended before the end of the term without penalty.

We get started

Our work application is based on Syntropic Principles. While we might have a plan, each step we take changes the field of play. We work with emergence, rather than seek to impose a human timeline on a living system. It is a very collaborative, co-creative partnership.

Review is a constant

Our work together needs to work for all parties. Our relationship is based on Clean Communication – which means that we surface any possible issues with each other as soon as possible, including that the time for our work together is ending for natural or adverse reasons.

Syntropic Mentoring and Consulting is more than a commercial relationship

Integrity and care are embedded into the Pattern Intgrity of everything we do at Syntropic World.

While we have skills and experience in both the Syntropic Principles we are also humans, with diverse experience and our own peccadillos and foibles. We invite Clean Communication and wholehearted feedback within Syntropic World, from each other and in any of our relationships.

We do not seek perfection, nor to be held on any pedestal. In many things we too are trying to figure things out.

A great client relationship has care and respect encoded.




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