Syntropy – in service to life

When we are in service to life life might be in service to us.

Enterprise design that is in service to life, to the future, to humans and Earth and all thriving, to comprehensive consideration of the field effects and precession of their actions and choices, might also be served by life.

What does it mean to have life be in service to us? Perhaps through our actions the soil is rich, abundant, able to hold water, produce minerals, and as such, grow super healthy food. That the water and forests and rainfall and atmosphere do their dance of partnership, connected as they always have been. To cut down a forest is not an act taken in isolation. Entire ecologies are deranged as a consequence, including rainfall or its absence. That the requirement to clean up, to handle ‘waste’ becomes irrelevant for there is no such thing as ‘waste.’

We might think that human-created technology can save us from our human-created problems. All the while we walk over the greatest technologies of all. Biology, geology, natural systems science. Photosynthesis.

Syntropy is Earth saying….I am here. We are here. You are me. What you do to me you do to yourself.

We can do better, design better…think living systems and design enterprises that mirror natural design in all domains. We walk over the map every day. We might begin to notice, to be in awe, to learn from, to love our home planet, Spaceship Earth,  as if our lives depended up it.

We might consider how we create Syntropic Enterprises in service to life.

January 2nd 2020

Photo taken January 2nd 2020