You might have heard of the second law of thermodynamics. Also known as entropy. That there is a singular direction of breakdown that is irreversible. 

Bucky Fuller has been one of the few to challenge this one-legged stool.

Once upon a time, we believed the Earth was flat, that the Sun revolved around the Earth, and that man had dominion over everything.

Syntropy is the polarity to entropy. Syntropy provides the regeneration to the breakdown.

It is hard to look at the miracle of photosynthesis, occurring in any plant, where light from the sun is absorbed and that light then becomes the food that nourishes us, and not see syntropy in action.

Humans have a choice. We can be entropic, which is how we of the Western mind have been till now, or…we can become syntropic. We can leave everything we touch, with intention, in better shape than when we arrived. 

Sustainability is better than nothing, regenerative is what is required. 

An aspiration for us as individuals, as enterprises, is to be syntropic. 

Now that is exponential thinking and acting.

April 10th 2019

Photo taken April 10th, 2019