Systems derangement

Once again the skies are thick with smoke from over 100 fires, no relief in sight.

People are losing homes. Animals are being incinerated. People have died.

Fire, flood, hurricane. Mother Nature is deeply disturbed. Patterns from the past have been thrown into disarray. Cycles are topsy-turvy. Seasons are mushed up.

The argument for cause is somewhat irrelevant. One only needs to look at the rubbish in the waterways, the loss of species, the cutting down of our forests, the mountains of waste, the throwaway habit, the planned obsolescence – to know that we humans have created a mess of epic, and irreversible proportions.

Like teenagers, we think nothing of dropping our discarded clothes, toys, rubbish, food…on the floor. “Not my problem.” 

But it is my problem, says the people of the Maldives. ‘We are at the effect of your wilful blindness.’ 

Until we can respect that we all live on one planet and that there is no “there” that we can throw away to…that for everything we do there is a consequence, a precession. Until we stand back and see that the very human-designed systems we have created, particularly our economic and monetary systems, the design of our corporate entities… require endless growth to achieve their man-designed outcomes..until we can see that we have created a systems derangement that is creating a mirror effect in nature…

We will remain attempting to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic called Earth.

It is time we grow beyond our teenage years. Our little world view of my-me-mine. Time we rejected the immaturity of our current pack of leaders, the brats who consider only their own continued entitlement. 

It is past time that we fall on our knees in reverence to our home planet, to her magnificent ability to co-ordinate, collaborate, generate life….

She is our teacher. We might become wise and learn her ways. 

We are in the throws of whole systems derangement. I prefer to name it this than any subcategory like climate change. 

The solution is not going to be recycling, solar panels, or electric cars… all important as parts of a whole.… The solution will be new systems that place what generates life as central to all its considerations.

Systems that are Syntropic – towards an eternally regenerative Universe.

November 17th 2019

Photo taken November 17th, 2019