To yoke. From astronomy, when three or more celestial bodies are in alignment.

My first business name was Syzergy. A variation of syzygy, and a combination of synergy and energy.

It was only much later that I realised the holding power of the name. Indigenous cultures know the portent of naming. It is a declaration to the fabric of Universe that this named person has a responsibility to live towards.

To be aligned, to have the call from our Soul, the Source Idea, aligned with the Pattern Integrity of our life, towards a purpose that we care about deeply enough to hold our centre against all odds and temptations, is to evoke the harmonic of Universe.

When we do this, the Universe has our back. Synchronicities line up, miracles occur.

Our bones know, Earth knows. We become a transmission.

April 3rd 2019

Photo taken March 30th, 2019