Take the first step

Today I celebrate the beauty of small steps taken consistently.

Small steps taken every day warps time. What looks small and inconsequential becomes a large body of work.

Or, a very large project is completely achievable if it is enacted in small consistent steps.

The first act is to begin. To commit to the small step, to commit to repeating it every day, to plan for those days when it might not be possible by having a small reserve.

Overwhelm is simply a response to what feels impossible. Breaking it down into the smallest possible first act, and then following it with the second act reduces overwhelm to progress.

We forget the nature of time. That ten years is gone in a breath.

If you started today, if you took that small step towards a very large goal, where might you be in ten years from consistent action?

Take the first step.

November 13th 2018

Photo taken November 13th 2018