Taking a break from activism

Stepping back for a day or two, even a week, from maintaining the rage, against corruption, deliberate poverty, and profit at the cost of our Planet.

We need to pause. 

To bring everything back to love. 




We need to remember something important.

Our uniqueness. Our gifts. 

That every living being is born to contribute something to the greater whole, even those who seem hell-bent on doing harm.

Today I go to Heron Island. A coral atoll on the great barrier reef. I used to frequent Heron in my early twenties. I have dived there many times.

I hope to see a reef still alive. I hope to be immersed in beauty. Nature. Life. 

Unless we experience the gorgeousness of Nature, unless we know the goodness of humans, unless we love beyond our ability to speak of love, then we might forget the very things that animate us to act and keep acting.

Photo taken August 31st 2022