Taking Feedback

Feedback is delivered in a thousand ways. From the projected rage of someone lost in their very own bad experience to the thoughtful care of a loved one watching us make incongruent or ill-considered decisions.

If we adopted the approach that every single element of life is an opportunity for us to learn about how we choose to respond, we might consider feedback as a golden opportunity, no matter the harshness or careful packaging of its delivery.

It is in the witnessing of our response to feedback that we can evolve our own emotional intelligence, as well as our capacity to be sovereign in our choices.

If feedback evokes a visceral reaction, it is more than likely there is truth in it that has been denied in me. For someone to yell with deep emotion at me that I am 156cm, which I am, it would be unlikely to trigger me. But if they said something that touched a tender spot or an undisclosed truth, my reaction is likely to be defensive. 

In our defence and justification, in our denial, our righteousness, there exists an opportunity to reflect on a truth that, when surfaced, might move us towards a higher order of sovereignty.

September 23rd 2019

Photo taken September 23rd, 2019