Taking the hate

When we take a stand for something – integrity, justice, kindness, love, beauty, peace – we will also become a target for the haters. 

Hate – regard with extreme ill-will, have a passionate aversion to, treat as an enemy

It is sad and alarming that being a stand for peace brings out the haters.

Taking a stand for anything is taking a position in polarity. Unity is plural, at minimum two. To good bad, up down, in out. Polarity is not bad. It is. To know love, we need to know emptiness and isolation. 

To stand for peace, we polarise those who stand for vengeance, righteousness and an eye for an eye justice.

To stand for integrity, we polarise those who seek to profit from corruption, lies, and the accumulation of power at any price.

I watch myself as I consider my stand more right. In this consideration lies the seeds of my hypocrisy. Don’t you love a cosmic joke?

To really stand for something important, know that you will get those who enjoy throwing nasty at you. There are people seeking to do really great things on our home planet who go to bed each night being hated upon by millions of people.

Can you stand it? This type of hate? Our stand has to be bigger than our care for what people think of us.

Photo Taken October 24th  2023