Tangled in a state of being a victim

Legitimate victims have bombs falling on them now and are caught in terrible events beyond their control. 

What we do with our being after the bad things that happen to us shapes our character. 

It is not a contest to see who has the most horrid background or luck. There is no victim status award, although I see this game played everywhere. 

When we live in a context where the winner takes all, everything is up to be exploited, and the powerful stack every card in the deck for their gain, then the majority of people, Earth and her creatures are affected by this. This means we have all been broken, reduced, ignored, exploited, colonised, marginalised and oppressed. It is a question of degrees. Yet the experience is familiar.

When we play the victim game, we live in a perpetual state of disempowerment. It is easier and more convenient to point the finger over there. It is their fault. They are wrong. They do not understand. They will not listen. 

A victim state can be addictive. Poor me. Attention seeking. My life is a story of hard and broken. I want your sympathy. 

What I know about living in the state of victim (from doing this for a long time) is that it is a place of self-hate. The disempowerment is crippling and sickening. 

In every moment, no matter the circumstances, we have a choice in how we respond. 

Greatness is responding with agency. I choose never to allow this circumstance, my fate, this history, to dictate my life. It will shape and inform me, yet I choose to respond with a story and life that transcends this.

I look to Nelson Mandela as an example. After 27 years of incarceration, he walked free because he refused to be a victim to his jailers. 

Photo Taken April 30th 2024