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Bruce Davidson

CEO of Davidsons

Cynthia McEwen

Cynthia is past Managing Director for Avastone Consulting, a US-based executive and leadership development firm that specialized in state-of-the-art learning simulations. The last couple of years brought a serious out-of-nowhere health crisis that rocked her world, opening her mind, heart, and soul in unexpected and wonderful ways. It included getting married to her husband after 33 years together.

Cindy Forde

CEO, Cambridge UK

Cindy’work is dedicated to transforming how we understand and act towards Earth, the living system that sustains us. She believes the biggest impact we can have in making change is how we shape the mind-set of the rising generation and how we design our organisational systems. Planetari is the first globally scalable education platform aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A pioneer of sustainability as a driver for prosperity, she has an MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice. She pioneered Sustainability Investing with Aviva group, now a $21 trillion industry. As MD of the Blue Marine Foundation she helped form the Great British Oceans Coalition persuading UK government to create the world’s largest marine protected areas. As CEO of Cambridge Science Centre she created programmes to enable children to develop competence in Science, Engineering Technology & Maths to underpin national development. 



Christine McDougall

Founder and Chief Steward

One of the global founders of the coaching profession. Designer of programs delivered to thousands of people. Co-founder Big Blue Sky. 30 years applied student R.Buckminster Fuller.

Anthony Roberts

Operations + Advisor + Sounding Board

As a creator of many successful businesss in the Food and Beverage industry, Tony provides both the business acumen and rigor as well as the integrity to support all things Syntropic. 



Robyn-Lee Ghaui

Alama Creative Solutions, Tanzania

 Marketing consultant with a background in African tourism and conservation, and academic roots in Philosophy and Literature.


Dea Frankó Csuba, Hungry

Dea is a serial entrepreneur, innovation coach, public speaker about the future of organizations and digital transformation, yoga and meditation practitioner and instructor.  Her favourite topics include: 

  • the future of work
  • how to be human in the digital era 
  • the relationship between digitization and humans
  • habits and behavior transformation 
  • adaptivity and resilience of organizations and humans

Companies she is regularly working with, include some of the biggest players on the global market, like HP, Bayer, Vodacom, Vodafone, Audi, GE, Telenor, Erste Bank, Egis, Siemens. 

Christopher Cooke, UK

Christopher heads a specialist change management company known as 5 Deep.  This Company was established in 2001 as an experiment to explore the leading edge of the science and practice of complexity-aware organisational and social change.

In 2015, 5 Deep was appointed as the as the sole UK’s hub organisation for the Savory Institute under the brand known as 3LM. 

A water engineer by background, Christopher is a trusted and respected coach, mentor, trainer, advisor and facilitator who works at the cutting edge of innovation and change in multiple arenas. His career is best characterised as an international  troubleshooter of both complicated and complex issues.  

With over 20 years dedicated study, research, development and application, Christopher is recognised as a luminary of the Spiral Dynamics Integral lineage. Christopher is an accredited educator and full field professional in Holistic Management with The Savory Institute. 

B. Lorraine Smith

Lorraine is an independent writer and corporate advisor guiding the industrial shift towards regeneration. She has lived internationally and worked across numerous sectors. Her diverse cultural, linguistic and corporate expertise allow her to build bridges to the next stage of business.

Since 2004 she has been working with companies in Brazil, the UK, the US and Canada, collaborating with corporate leaders who are keen to shape the next phase of business. Along with working directly with clients, Lorraine is also an Associate Director at Volans, a catalyst for system level change led by John Elkington, where she informs the agenda on the Tomorrow’s Capitalism Inquiry. She is also a senior consultant with BuzzWord, a leading sustainability reporting and strategy group based in the US.

Lorraine is also a member of the Expert Council of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, an open source tool that quantifies how businesses are contributing to a sustainable future. 

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