Technology is not the solution

If technology continues to assert the need for humans to dominate. To accumulate. To consume everything. To profit at all costs. To fail to be in a deep and profound relationship with nature, with the love of life and everything that promotes life and aliveness.

If we place technology as the saviour, this ‘other’ separate from the interstitial spaces of life where all the magic and beauty lie, we will only continue on our path of systems derangement.

Technology can serve humanity and life when we place life, love, connectivity, relationships and well-being for all as the central purpose that technology serves.

We have created powerful technology and placed it in the hands of those who have no idea of the consequences of the technological application, nor even the ability to easily access the conversation of consequence.

Rather than technology as the solution, we might first restore our communion with Earth, nature, life, awe, relationships and interconnectivity…we might begin to understand the complexity of life and living systems and bring reverence and respect to ecologies that have existed vibrantly well before the human impulse to dominate.

November 19th 2019

Photo taken November 19th, 2019