Tending to our shadow

Just as the night yields to the sunrise we beautiful humans are all made of light and dark.

The nuance of our shadow is as unique to us as our fingerprint.

When we deny our shadow, when we suppress its desire to be witnessed, to find a healthy way to exist, we feed it.

One day, from nowhere, it will rise. Starved and craving, it might wreak havoc. It will dominate the light of us. Like crazed animals, it will be hard to reign in.

Tending to our shadow, loving it, working to refine its blunt edges, is important work, hard to do without steady and skilled support.

Often our shadow lives in our blind spot, a pattern we cannot see. The witnessing other who holds us with love and points out our shadow is an important member of our team.

Do the shadow work, not to repress, reduce, or belittle, but to enable the harmony of our shadow to live beside our light.

January 5th 2019

Photo Taken January 5th, 2019


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