The 100 year plan

This week I was present to a conversation with one of Australia’s most influential corporate identities.

Our conversation started when he said he was working on the 100-year plan for the two companies of which he was Chairman.

After picking myself off the floor in surprise to hear that there is anyone in our business world who spends their time first and foremost considering the next 100 years, we then proceeded to have the most delightful and wide-ranging discussion about our current world of 6 months reporting cycles, 3-4 year election cycles, and the squeezing of any future thinking into short-termism so as to achieve maximum gains for shareholders, or to be returned to political power, as if these things are the only things that matter.

Imagine if the 100-year plan was a daily conversation. So much of the petty noise would immediately become insignificant.

How easy is it to get caught in the minutia, the small-mindedness. He then said we have a crisis of distraction.

Take in the majesty of the sunrise. One billion years registers on the sun’s scale.

Plant your feet on the Earth. 14 Billion years.

Look into the eyes of a child. What future will they inherit?

What is your 100-year plan? Perhaps it is time to invest our precious lives in what matters towards all human thriving.

August 19th 2018

Photo Taken August 19th 2018