Entrepreneurial lessons from the art of gardening

I am not a gardener but I appreciate the art of gardening.

There is a way of being in relationship to soil, seed, sun, rain, and life that requires a combination of attunement and trust.

The soil needs to be prepared. Mulshy and wormy and alive with bugs and bacteria.

The seed needs to be planted. It wants to burst into life, yet the conditions need to be right.

And then there is patience. You have wait. Because for a while, it seems that nothing happens at all.

Then life emerges. In its time, not yours. This is perhaps the hardest lesson. The waiting. The uncertainty. Did you do all you could to enable the seed to come to life?

As it grows you tend to it with care, communing with it as builds strength. Watering, feeding, pruning, as required.

At some stage, you will return your plants to compost, and the cycle begins again.

All of our creations have a similar process, whether that be writing a book, launching a new enterprise, or learning a new skill.

Consider where you are in the cycle of your creation today. Perhaps take solace from the art of gardening.

February 6th 2019

Photo Taken February 6th, 2019