The balance sheet of the future

To be present to the birth of a child is to know the miraculous. Words, human constructs, become entirely inadequate.

These precious moments..being with a beloved and sharing a sunrise…being with a family member in their final hours…spending time with beautiful friends…these moments are treasures. 

To even consider that we might put a monetary price on these moments, to reduce them to a commodity, a financial value, is to debase the most precious elements of human existence. Life itself.

Yet this is what we seek to do in our current capitalistic model, which insists that the only value to measure is the monetary value.

Perhaps it is time that we reconsider how we account for value. And in that consideration, to know that some values, some experiences, cannot be transmuted from their original form. Their value is only fully realised in the form of origin.

To build a global system that reduces everything to a single value is to design a system that ensures poverty into perpetuity. Poverty of money, love, beauty, connection, wellbeing.

To truly honour the brilliance of life, of humanity, our balance sheets of the future will account for the unmeasurable. 

Love. Care. Joy. Beauty. Connectivity. Meaning.

January 28th 2020

Photo taken January 28th, 2020