The comfort of routine and the shape of change

I love creating containers in which to play, create, build and live.

A structure that is robust enough to provide a sense of safety, integrity and self and other respect, yet porous enough to allow breathing. 

A morning and evening routine can provide this for a life. 

Within the container of the dependable routine, lives a day allowed to be unstructured.

Creativity of all kinds needs a boundary or container. The yearning for unfettered freedom is a childish whim. 

Routine provides tethers. Tethers stabilise. 

Too many tethers and creativity and optionality are squeezed out. Too few tethers and we fall into a mess of the undisciplined.

My morning routine has adapted over the years to changing contexts. Yet, it remains the foundation of my best work.

To be creative, to lead change, we need to space and shape that structures the ecology for change. The comfort of routine and the shape of change are complementary pairs that enable our best to emerge,

In a Synropic Enterprise we call that the Trust Manifesto. In a life, it can be both a Trust manifesto and the routines and disciplines that tether it.

Photo Taken September 17th  2023

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