The confusing and the clear

I am writing this looking at the sunlight over the mountains of Nikko Kinagawa on a beautiful blue sky day and a very cold morning.

Last night, we experienced an onsen for the first time. A bath in the hot water of underground springs. Our accommodation unexpectedly had its own private onsen.

After ten days of walking a minimum of 15 kilometres a day around cities, this kind of simple luxury was quite a gift. A very hot, full-body soaking.

This is our last full day in Japan. It feels bittersweet. Gone so fast. Only now beginning to feel at home. The whole experience quite remarkable. 

And it is the whole experience that makes it great. Parts of it were hard, bumpy, challenging, confusing, discombobulating. 

How quickly do we jump to assessment and categorisation when considering parts, not allowing the whole to be complete?

For much of my life I felt such a failure. The path was uncertain. There was much confusion. Yet, like the first few days in Japan, these times fertilised the ground for what was to come.

I often think of life as a wonderful, adventurous novel. The characters struggle against adversity. It looks impossible at many stages. But we have not yet reached the end of the book. The next chapter holds unexpected boons that could only arrive because of the challenges faced.

It is the whole, the light and dark, the confusing and the clear, that make life great.

On the most fabulous of sunny days, we get to explore the Natural beauty of Japan. 

I celebrate and bow in gratitude.

Photo Taken September 19th 2023