The curious case of language

I wonder if changing a culture can begin with changing the words and language we use.

Imagine, for example, that we do not have chief executives seeking to execute a plan. Do we want to execute? 

Or we refused to impact invest because hitting hard evokes a continuation of a patriarchal model that has held dominance.

Rather than make a killing, we awaken aliveness.

And everything needs to be sustainable as a ground rule, not an aspiration. Otherwise, we are living in debt to Earth and our future without putting it on the balance sheet of our home Planet.

Are we in an uphill battle? 

And who are front-line workers? Are we placing people into the firing line?

Perhaps our language can evoke the world we long for. A more beautiful, just, considerate world. 

It takes practice. I believe replacing these military and dominator words changes culture. We get to create the world we desire.

Photo Taken March 14th 2024