The curious use of woke

There is something macabrely humorous about appropriating the word woke by the extreme right of the political divide. 

If I were a coordinating impulse of Universe, a god, I would be laughing. 

Woke as a word has its Source Idea around the 1930s in the African American vernacular, meaning to stay alert to racism and injustice.

To be woke is to know the game being played upon people, in particular, African Americans, a game that keeps people broken, and perpetually down.

When white people accuse white, black and brown people of being woke, as if being woke makes them soft and too progressive – too open to equality and justice for all – they do not realise that their accusation is indeed a clarifying call for a deeper awareness of the game of suppression being played. 

Accusations of being too woke amplify the need to be woke – to be aware of the Molochian game of win-lose. 

I am awake to the game. I call the game for what it is. Winners and losers. Great for winners, bad for losers. This game needs to end.

Woke is an essential state for those seeking a world that works for everyone. Those accusing others of being woke might wake up. 

Photo Taken July 21st 2021