The desire for black and white, no grey

The desire is for simple explanations. Everyone does this. Or that. No shades of grey.  Black or White. One rule for all. No exceptions. No change.

Life lives in the shades of grey. It is dynamic. No one snowflake, human, tree or creature is the same. Novelty and diversity are the field. 

When we break complexity into simple to satisfy a desire for ease, we enter the world of entropy and death. 

Complexity, diversity and nuance are why we have law. No two contexts are the same. 

We can create a thresholding crossing agreement like a Trust Manifesto. This is how we behave with each other. Here is how we make decisions. Yet unless the Trust Manifesto is itself a living document, responding and changing with change and changing contexts, it becomes its own destruction.

Complexity is true wealth. Complexity is life. Our desire to remove complexity is counter life.

When someone treats you as a simple person, without the nuance of your technicolour being, you feel unseen, unheard and erased. 

When we do this to others, should they feel differently?

When we create human systems that do this en mass, everyone loses. 

Yet this is what we do.

Photo Taken July 1st 2024