The exquisite chaos of genius arising

If we think of society as a whole, community as a whole, when we provide stunning, relevant, rich education to everyone, the whole is lifted and everyone becomes more successful.

Education of course is not just learning…it is the capacity to love to learn, to know how to ask questions, see multiple perspectives, to stand in the shoes of not just the other, but the honey bee, the sky, the ocean.

To slice and dice education based on income, where you live, your background, skin colour, to rob the whole of the potentiality of intrinsic and collective value.

To put a price on education that makes it inaccessible, or that carries forward a debt that cripples creativity, is a loss to everyone and our future. To reduce education to a safe sanitised version that ensues compliance is to prevent the exquisite chaos of genius arising.

Photo taken July 19th, 2020