The Exquisite Skill of Holding

To steward a creation requires holding space.

Knowing when to push, and when to pause.

Sensing into the field of the creation. To the beauty that is emerging.

To invite others that you know in your bones will resonate to the same frequency.

And then to relax. Trusting that all is unfolding as written by a larger field than we have power to dictate.

It is a sensing, an intention held with great love towards something that transcends the individual.

Into this space steps others, and together magic is woven. 

The leader as steward, absent the need to dominate, yet able to speak and act against any violation of the integrity being held, working in partnership with others, nurtures the field for emergence.

Everyone participating gets to shine. 

The experience of Great Love and Great Work infuses our souls.

This is our longing.

March 12th 2019 
Photo taken March 12th 2019