The fatigue of spiritual exhaustion


There is the wonderful satisfying fatigue of doing a really good day of hard physical exercise.

There is the fulfilling fatigue of working on a project against the clock until it is done.

There is a fatigue from having all of your emotional resources squeezed out of you until your being is desiccated.

And there is the fatigue of spiritual exhaustion, a constant gradual wearing down over years, where suddenly, by surprise, you simply cannot hold yourself up any more. Until you do.

Sleep and rest will tend to the physical and mental fatigue.

Beauty, sleep and rest are required to nourish and restore the erosion of our heart and being from emotional and spiritual fatigue. Rest alone will not do it, for rest without beauty only restores our biology. Spiritual and emotional restoration requires us to bathe in beauty, and find delight in beauty… as we rest…

Drink from the well of beauty today.

February 19th 2018

Photo Taken December 15th 2015