The field is ripe for anger

Yesterday I became aware that my snappy angry self was leaking out. Too easily provoked. Simmering just below the surface. A danger to me and others in my field.

A reset was needed. 

This is life. Our inner polarity is like the ocean. Sometimes lake-like, other times a raging storm. Sometimes the eddies below the surface suck us down into the deep. Other times we burst alive like a wave.

Anger is all around us and amplifying in so many places. Suppressing people’s choices, the cost of living, raising inequality, rampant and permissible corruption, lies accepted as truth, religious bigotry and every calibre of discrimination. Not to mention a collapsing atmosphere and species extinction.

The field is ripe for anger. 

I love my anger. I love when it rises pure, stirring fires of action.

This is to be mad as heaven. 

But the anger of the last few weeks has been the rotten type. Snappy. Nasty. Biting. A fester in my core.

Last night I slept for 11 hours. Clearly my nervous system needed to be soaked in dreams.

Today I will kiss the wind, play with water. Feel everything. Breathe. 

Write, speak and purge the bitter nasty. Unplug.

The world does not need a single ounce of rotten anger. I must clean my act so I am not part of the problem. 

Photo Taken July 22nd 2023