The first lie

Recently I was listening to a lifelong family friend speak of a certain world leader (We have many choices to pick from) who lies more than speaks the truth. She knew this, knew that almost everything he said was a lie, and yet she thought he is a good leader.

Why, I asked her. How can you respect someone who lies for a living? Someone who is masterful at spin doctoring, obfuscation, and spell casting? She answered that it is because he is so good at these skills that she likes him.

I wonder how we got to a place where we revere the lies of our leaders. We, all of us, are in many ways, complicit. The acceptance of the first lie is our original sin. That first lie seems so small. So inconsequential. 

Whether it is the lie we tell to ourselves or the lie we tell to our spouse. It paves the way for the next and the next. Before we know it, we live in a lie, and the truth is hard to find.

There will come a breaking point. Lies come at a high price. At the minimum the cost of our self-esteem, our self-respect. The cost of a marriage, a partnership. On the world stage lies cost people. Earth. Animals. Genocide. Ecocide. Omnicide.

When we awaken to the lies, when the spell is broken, our rage will be real. 

The tide of lies is turning. The taste of lies is ash in our mouths.

In 2020 I choose to look towards the more beautiful world we can create…one built on truth, integrity, compassionate honest leadership…

Will you join me?

January 4th 2020

Photo taken January 4th 2020 by Tony