The flavours of exhaustion

Grief sucks everything out, leaving an infinite black cavity.

Fear desiccates, our interiors shredded into micro fragments, the lizard in us hyper-reactive.

Anxiety is walking a tightrope across a chasm of broken glass. A singular focus.

Physical exhaustion cannot win the upright battle. 

Holding the space for the birth of an idea day in, day out, month after month, year into year works exhaustion in stealth mode. Often not noticed until we pause. And then it shatters us completely.

The flavours of exhaustion are too often conflated into a singularity.

Yet each type of exhaustion requires a different antidote.

We might consider that the next time we turn off the exhaustion supply line.

Grief can only be healed by filling the infinite back void with light and love.

Fear we must confront, and then go through it to be released from its clutches.

Anxiety is to switch off the future and stay exquisitely present.

Physical exhaustion requires bone and body rest.

Holding the space requires release, rest and present-time embrace.

Photo Taken September 28th  2023