The fracturing of bits of us

For me, life as practice is the only way. There is no separation between work and play.

A morning session in the surf is as developmental as the crucial conversation that needs to be had. Different. But extraordinarily rich.

Working with clients in an executive coaching role, I never siloed work from life.

This artificial separation is as toxic as the separation humans have from Nature. 

The fracturing of bits of us to conform to certain identity requirements is a tragedy.

I welcome the world where we embrace all spectrums, colours, gender scales.

One must only regard animals, even just the species dog, to marvel at diversity. My little 4.5 kg dog Milly sees any dog, large small, black, white as one of her tribe. Some of them she dislikes immediately, but this has nothing to do with size or colour. She senses danger in the character of particular dogs. Wise Milly.

The embrace of the whole of us allows the embrace of diversity in others. The embrace of us as Nature, allows a respect for our Earth.

The finger-pointing at the ‘other’ is an expression of our unreconciled self.

Photo Taken June 1st 2023