The gifts we do not give

The gifts we have as part of our wonderful uniqueness that we do not give are a form of stealing.

We steal the opportunity from others to enjoy our gifts.

If you are withholding gifts, for whatever reason – you do not think they are worth it, you are shy, you do not know how to get your gifts into the world – then consider that you might be robbing others of an experience they might treasure. 

Even if you start by giving your gifts away – doing so to build confidence or an audience – begin.

We have so much to give. Often, those gifts that come easily to us are the ones we discount the most. 

Giving the multitude of gifts we have brings us closer to our wholeness. 

While we do this, we remain in a dynamic conversation about exchange and zero exploitation.

At some point, our gifts will be invaluable, in so many expressions. It matters less if our giving returns us joy, the pleasure of seeing the light in the eyes of the receiver, money, or a combination. It matters most that we give. In the giving, the doors open to receiving.

Photo Taken November 25th 2023