The goal is Empire

I have written many times about Little Atrocities. Hannah Arendt coined the term, the banality of evil. When evil becomes normalised. 

Like Hannah, I have been fascinated by the journey to evil. It doesn’t happen in one fell swoop; evil happens one little atrocity at a time.

As we stand by and watch.

History shows us the horrors humans are capable of. We must reconcile the past. Yet right now, here, on this day, we are stepping over little atrocities all the time. We are walking, eyes wide open, into increasing numbers of genocides across the planet. 

Evil starts at home. Between us. Between people we love. It is happening all around us. We may even be the perpetrators, and it would be wise for all of us to consider that possibility.

It begins with a belief that one has the right to dominate another. That those dominated are lesser than others. For any reason. Gender. Intellect. Ability. Age. Race. Income. Perspective. 

Dominators suck all the oxygen. Refuse others of the right to speak. Point at the other’s perceived lack creating a power differential.

The dominator, if allowed, will reduce the dominated to a non-human. A thing. The more permission the dominator has, the more the other is reduced. Until genocide is normalised. 

Just as the dominator will treat the Earth and her creatures as things to be used, exploited, extracted from.

The goal is Empire. Power over. Even in the smallest domain of a home.

We must reconcile our history, name it for the atrocities, and be vigilant to the very behaviours, the little atrocities, that seed evil, beginning with ourselves. 

Hypocrisy is when we point at behaviour or action as wrong, past or present, and then do exactly what we said was wrong to others.

As Hannah Arendt so powerfully pointed out, humanity must remain constantly vigilant to the banality of evil.

It begins with us. And those we love. This is to Dare to Care.

Photo Taken March 29th 2024