The Good The True and the Beautiful

This is an ode to those humans who spend their days enhancing lives of others, often at a cost to themselves.

Nurses, working long hard hours caring…for little pay.

Teachers, holding the space for their students to find their truth and live it out loud.

Those who campaign and speak for those who have not the platform to be heard.

Those who stand for our animals. For Earth.

Our farmers, scratching out a precarious existence against climate change and banks that threaten them daily.

The artisans, making their craft in a world that produces so much that is craftless.

The leaders of enterprises that have a mission so great it leaves you breathless.

James Bartle -Outland Denim, Cindy Forde –Planetari, Simon Kalinowski -Manadaly, Daniel Argent -Butterfly Foundation, Phillip Ullman -Cordant Group.

Blessed am I to know so many.

The rare leaders. Jacinta Ardern. AOC. Ilhan Omar. Clear voices in a wilderness of ugly.

And millions of others, working below the spotlight, likely to never be seen.  

And then our youth. Greta Thunberg, Emma Gonzalez…

The good, the true, the beautiful

Thank you. 

Photo taken March 15th 2019