The gravity of the question

There are some questions that are so rich and crucial their answers must not be rushed. 

What is the purpose of humanity?

What does it mean to be human?

At the end of our lives, what matters most and did we live our lives as if this mattered most?

What is racism – its seeds and source? Is it possible that the word racism is too small a word for the hate that circulates?

How do we end violence against women and children?

How do we restore trust and truth to leadership?

Our culture insists on rapid-fire answers to questions like these. Quick fixes.

Yesterday in Australia, the government of the day announced a special envoy to address the rise of anti-semitism. Consider this response to hate and the precessional effects.

Pulling out one group of people from all the egregious forms of human denigration, including over 200 years of anti-indigenous racism, will only amplify racism. Keep us divided. 

No one in the government has asked the question, giving it as much gravity of thought as it needs, why is there an increase in all forms of racism? Anti-Jew, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Asian. Anti-Indigenous. Just to name a few. Anti-migrant of any form.

And not just race, the field of hate is amplifying everywhere. 

Until this question is deeply considered the obvious answer is far from able to change the question it seeks to address.

**The very important and significant book Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson, provides some thoughtful context that might answer the question about hate and race.

Photo Taken July 11th 2024