The Great Work of Our Life

May not be what we expect.

We may find it early, or very late in life.

It may last a moment, or decades.

It may come through small acts. Consistent kindness. Care. A smile.

We feel its call, like a pull. Refusing to be ignored. 

The pathway is to clear all that is not ours, the expectations, injuries, beliefs and cultural propaganda that says we cannot do that.

It usually arrives in a small way, looking nothing like the BIG that we hoped for. Unexpected, ordinary – yet setting our hearts beating with anticipation that may not make sense.

When we step forward and say yes, every cell of our being, the field in which we stand, and all the harmonics of Universe line up. There is a resonant frequency that lifts us. This is important, as the path will not be straight and we will be tested.

Once in play, it is the Pattern Integrity that we stay true to. Like Ariadne’s thread, our Pattern Integrity is our guide.

Seek the coherence, become the instrument. 

Then play with your ALL.

March 11th 2019

Photo taken March 11th 2019