The happy place.

Is now. Sitting at my cafe, with the view of the ocean as the sun rises. Drinking an artisan-made coffee and eating a handmade almond croissant, my daughter and my little dog beside me.

About 100 Chinese tourists are on the beach to capture the rising sun. The early morning window cleaners and police, many beach walkers and runners. My morning exercise now behind me after a solid sleep, snuggled up during our winter. (Which you really could not call winter in most parts of the world.)

The Pacific Ocean calm.

This is the place to write, to journal, to start the day. To contemplate, untangle.

To find myself under layers of lost.

To remember what matters.

To say no to all the ugly that competes for my attention.

To be, so simply, for no reason, present to the glory of now.

At least once a day I go to my happy place.

Where is your happy place? And how often do you visit?

June 13th 2018

Photo Taken June 13th 2018