The hard work of being in integrity

A little personal check-in

1. List your beliefs about the world, others, global events, and things that make you mad, angry, protectionist, or righteous.

I might list the following.

*Our capitalist system, the way we consider economics, the way we educate, and the way we care (or do not care) for those of lesser means are fundamentally broken.

*The entrenched patriarchy, racism, and the caste system are  often so subtle they can only be seen when there is a deep willingness to excavate our psyches.

*The COVID vaccine was scientifically validated and works. (I deliberately put this one here, because I want to provoke a response.)

2. Next, consider the one belief that you hold with the most rigour. One that you fight for. Isolate yourself for. 

Mine is the belief that we cannot have a world with a future if we continue to manipulate or coax various forms of capitalism to endure. No to conscious, no to regenerative, no to healthy. Capitalism as a system must die and be replaced by something we do not yet have.

3. Now interrogate this belief. What this means, to be specific is to go to the Source. I would go to the origins of money, finance, and capitalism. This requires a long-term study. I started this inquiry in a profound way back in 2009. It is ongoing. Listen to opposing views. Interrogate all the places where you hold tight to something – especially those places. 

Until we have done this, perhaps we are not qualified to hold a fixed and righteous position.

By the way, the willingness to do this is a sign of a healthy mind and being. Our fixed and closed views indicate the places that need more light.

This is hard and continuous work. Ideally, we surround ourselves with people who continue to ensure we do not become trapped in our fundamentalist views.

If you are mad at the Taliban for believing women are lesser beings than men, which is a fundamentalist view, yet you also want to hold on tight to a belief that you refuse to deeply, profoundly interrogate, this is both hypocrisy and a contradiction.

Ah, the hard work of being in integrity. Into the nuance, into our little crevices of belief, we must go.

And then repeat. Ongoing.

Photo Taken August 2nd 2023