The House of Lost Dreams

I visited the House of Lost Dreams in my dreams last night. It was not on my agenda. I didn’t even know it existed.

There was an urge to bust it open. To blow down the walls. To let all of those dreams free. To get them back to their owners so that they may light a fire in the heart in the spaces left from their absence.

I saw one of your dreams in there. One of the true ones. A dream that comes from the Soul. Not a longing, an addiction, or a short term need arising from hollow places. Rather a dream imbued with your essence, your fingerprints, your heart.

I met my dreams as well. Most no longer relevant. A few, a precious few, like lost children, now found. Again.

To be loved back to life. To be loved into existence.

What lost dream calls you to bring it home?

Bring it home where it belongs.

August 31st 2018

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