The idealist and the pragmatist, we can be both.

Indeed we must be both.

We must hold, in one hand, the most precious, most beautiful aspiration for our Earth, for people. For creating a future for all people, all creatures. Idealism on warp speed, high volume, inhabiting every frame.

And in the other hand, the tools and skills to build new models that make the old obsolete. The ability to stand in the headwind of the naysayers, the fear-based, those who see destruction and diminishment of others as the source of their own power. Those who care not a nanoparticle for anything but their own glory.

Into the fray walks those who know this. We will not be daunted by the stone throwers and trolls. Our eyes firmly cast upon the future that is beautiful for all.

This is the rising tide. The good, the true and the beautiful.

July 1st 2018


Photo Taken July 1st 2018