The irony of woke

From Wikipedia. Woke is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.”

To wake – to become awake, arise, be born, originate,” and Old English wacian “to be or remain awake, (Online etymological dictionary)

The irony of woke as a political word used as a character slur by different factions is that they are essentially asking for society to stay asleep, stay ignorant, stay dumbed down. 

This is the very opposite of both what is needed and the evolutionary impulse of life. To emerge and grow in awareness, wisdom and consciousness.

The harshest critics of wokeism are usually the most ignorant of all. 

The emergent world is not black and white. It is diverse, where sexuality, gender, worldviews, spiritual beliefs and consciousness are nuanced. Where we embrace the delightful differences rather than insist on reducing them to a binary.

We need to awaken. We must become alert to all forms of prejudice, discrimination, corruption, spell-casting, caste division and political BS.

Of course, those who speak with a forked tongue about wokeism are the ones who do not want this status quo to change. They have the most to lose.

Let’s be woke of this.

Photo Taken August 7th 2023