The life of a visionary pioneer

Take a big vision, one almost no one else can see. They will call you stupid. Or their eyes will glaze over when you speak of it.

Study the field. See the future. Feel its edges. You can taste it touch it, know it.

Come back to here. Take the first step. Assess. Adjust. Repeat.

Build a team of support around you. You will need them to remind you to keep the faith when the path looks impossible, unfindable.

Do the hard inner work. Questioning all assumptions, challenging beliefs, exposing truths about you in the realm of what you did not know you did not know. 

Be sure you are honest about why. Come back to this question regularly. Truth is an excavation. Layers on layers of enculturation might prevent clear sight.

Be prepared for the dips. Or chasms. Or Grand Canyons of hard and uncertain. 

Be open to the miraculous. The left of field that looks innocuous and yet invites a greater possibility than you imagined. It usually arrives from the people or places you commonly dismiss.

Know that when your work is done, it may be years before it is noticed, for the world to catch up. Let this be OK.

The life of a visionary pioneer is not the easiest of paths. Pioneers lead, not for power, or fame, but for the love of crafting new, for being at the threshold of frontiers.

This, or the safety of normal. 

June 7th 2019

Photo taken June 7th, 2019