The long road to mastery

Looks very bumpy. There are days or weeks where it feels everything has gone backwards. 

And days where the groove is hit and it all comes together.

Humility is a must. Practice will knock you over the head with rigour to ensure hubris is held in check.

Frustration will seek to rue the day. Frustration means that expectations were too high in the first place.

After each session, it is good to let it all go. Step out of the river of learning. Take the lessons, leave behind the emotions.

And the next day, step back into the river clean of the mind games, emotions and stories that create the biggest barrier to progress.

Oh, this is hard. Harder than we imagined at the outset.

Yet this is the point is it not? To be in the mess of learning towards mastery.

The destination is an arrival. The journey itself is the gift.

Photo Taken November 25th 2023