The love affair of my life

What is it to love thy self? To truly love the entire spectrum of you?

Not in a superficial way…but deeply, profoundly?

This is the question I have been exploring of late.

To not reject any aspect of brat, my arrogance, my inadequacy. We all share these and many more characteristics in different amplitudes.

It is the symphony of the whole I am talking about. To fall deeply, totally in love with that. With the miracle of you?

With the you who stumbles, the you who has ugly moments. The you who bring enormous value to your field.

I am as surprised as anyone that at this stage of my life I have begun the love affair of my life. With me. Within its field is infinite compassion and more kindness than I ever felt possible. I find delight and beauty behind every door. And when I forget, which is often, from my pool of self-love, I find the path to return to love bathed in light.

What might self-love look and feel like for you? How might you cultivate it?

January 18th 2018

Photo taken 31st March 2015