The metaphor of the river

Starts at the top of the mountain as a trickle, a small stream. Precipitation from clouds. A desire for water to reach the Ocean, a place where all water seeks to go.

It does not start at the bottom and seek to go to the top of the mountain. Nor does it long to do this as the epic solo hero. Rather it gathers more water molecules as it makes its way home. 

Its longing is to be Ocean. To be one with Ocean.

To make its journey back to Source.

Along the way, it comes across many obstacles. Rocks and boulders of every shape and size. Rather than get caught in the distraction, the diversions, the obstacles, the destination does not change. The path changes to circumvent the obstacles. The rapids and eddies and waterfalls are simply the things to navigate around and through. There is always a way forward, a way home.

The river seeks flow. Anything that stops flow is a temporary interruption, an observation of interference. The questions are always towards flow and Source as Ocean.

Once Ocean precession lifts the water molecules into the atmosphere to become clouds and the cycle continues.

Entrepreneurs, leaders and enterprises can learn much from the metaphor of the river. Perhaps we have our design backwards. Perhaps instead of the constant quest to reach the mountain peak we might explore the territory of the river, flow, and Ocean, not as a replacement, but as a balance to our incessant striving for altitude, status, and the solo heroic endeavour.

November 18th 2019

Photo taken November 18th, 2019