The miracle warming my back

“The Sun, each second, transforms four million tons of itself into light. Each second, a huge chunk of the Sun vanished into radiant energy that soars in all directions…In the case of the Sun, we have a new understanding of the cosmological meaning of sacrifice.” Brian Swimme

The illusion that we do not have enough regenerative syntropic energy is a reflection of our to-date inability to see our Universe as a whole, to understand that the web of life connects us all and that we humans, if we use the gift of our mind for the highest good for the highest number of people, can create a more beautiful, flourishing world than any of us dreamed possible.

I read Brian Swimme’s quote and it reminds me both of my infinitesimal dimension as well as the majesty of our home planet. 

I wonder, as the Sun warms my back, of this world that so many of us feel is possible.

The one we create through radiating our own light, radiating our love, using our collective minds synergistically.

Thinking about this, I feel mystified that we instead spend our time competing, fighting, and being required to ‘earn a living.’ 

Does life and aliveness require sacrifice of our best selves, rather than directing our best selves towards serving the beautiful world that we know is possible?

April 20th 2020

Photo taken April 20th, 2020