The mundane

Witness to so many sunrises over the years there are some sunrises that demand our undivided attention. Jaw-dropping, evolving, they can be like watching beauty change clothes through minutes, from glorious possibility to magnificent full-blown diva.

Others are more subdued. Sometimes non-existent, shrouded behind clouds.

Do I succumb to our rapacious need to only see the most stunning, or do I share with you the more mundane?

This morning I am celebrating the beauty of average.

Enjoy this sunrise knowing that context might elevate average to extraordinary. The sunrise a day after the Southern Hemisphere Summer Solstice, summer holiday mode in full swing, the wind from the south cooling the breeze after oppressive heat. The tide high, the full moon disappearing as the sun rises.

And people like us moving towards the holidays with open-hearted love and care for life, for our future world, for all earth thriving.

Today, wearing her muted costume, the sunrise asks us to see beauty in the average. The mundane. The steady, boring, consistency that makes up the backbone of our life. Washing dishes, caring for our children, mowing the lawn.


December 23rd 2018

Photo taken December 23rd 2018