The Myth of Selfish

Somewhere along the road of science we have swallowed the lie that humans are primarily selfish. That we seek to take, to win at the cost of everyone.

While there are certainly people who operate from this modality, and our economic and governance systems are set up to promote this behaviour, it is not how humans survive and evolve.

Born requiring around-the-clock support for many years, humans need humans to survive and thrive.

Not a single thing is created in isolation. No one makes it on their own.

We are better together.

Relationships are tricky. They require active commitment towards something greater than the individuals in the relationship.

It is the delicate and thoughtful balance between our agency within the community of relationship.

To win for self at the cost of everything is to lose.

In the end, the quality of our relationships is our wealth.

February 2nd 2019

Photo Taken February 2nd, 2019