The myth of technology making our lives easier

Sure, it is easier to drive a car than travel by foot or horse and buggy.

And I love that the computer in my pocket gives me warning that it is about to rain.

We fail to put technology into the context of the system that drives it.

That system, our capitalist system – particularly the neo-capitalist brand, has one incentive – to grow endlessly to make a profit.

Technology has not made our lives less busy. Quite the opposite. Busy is normal. Idleness is almost sinful.

The new gadget, like my rice cooker, might make my life easier in the immediate context, however, in the larger context, I need as many gadgets as possible because the most precious resource, my time, is the one I crave and the one that is squeezed the most. 

Technology might save us time if there were one, but when technology is exponential, and the choices are also exponential, we drown in technology and the race to keep up with paying for technology under the dream that life is easier with technology.

The substrate of the machine is more – more busy, more money, more profit, more consumption, more technology. The value of everything is reduced to accumulation and profit.

Until we change the substrate and aim towards a system untethered from endless growth and accumulation – one that understands at the intrinsic level the idea of enoughness, then extra technology is only feeding an insatiable, impossible-to-continue, dehumanising beast.

Photo Taken December 31st 2023