The Obvious

Is often not obvious. This is why we need trusted coaches and friends to point out what is obvious to them, but blind to us.

If we want to create autonomous self-managed teams then we cannot tell them that we want them to achieve ‘x’ results. Telling does not autonomy make.

Instead, we need to create the conditions for them to set their own results/outcomes.

To align the outcomes desired with the incentives, with the way we want to create the outcomes and ensure maintenance of the Pattern Integrity…requires careful consideration, and the ability to see where the very design might contain the seeds of its own demise.

In a world where hypocrisy is the normal…where those who have dismantled others for the very things they now say are acceptable…to lead with integrity, to ensure the aligned intention has within it the structure that maintains the Pattern Integrity, we must be sure we have people around us who see misalignment and lack of coherence with ease and will call it by name and towards the expression of our best work.

Often those who see this are outside that which we are creating. At the least, they have the ability to see from the twentieth floor, while we are working on the sixth floor.

October 31st 2019

Photo taken October 31st 2019, by Tony