The opposite of complexity

It is not simplicity; it is reduction.

Our default mode is to reduce. To take the complex, beautiful that which transcends words and language and package it into image bites that strip everything that makes it extraordinary out.

Our capitalist system requires us to do this so we can commodify. 

We take beautiful humans, with all of their nuance, idiosyncrasies, and wild creativity, and we reduce them through education and workplace cultures into predictable events to be managed.

We strip nature to the bone and build boxes to live in.

We insist that our work be packaged into sound bites, able to be understood by children, and as such reduce the intelligent capacity of people to know the good, the true and the beautiful when they experience it. In so doing, we patronise the extraordinary capacity of people to engage senses beyond the six.

Simplicity lives on the other side of complexity. To arrive at simplicity that captures the entirety of the complex is to work for years to know, in your bones, that which is complex, to hold it in reverence for its very complexity, and then, with few words but decades of craft and refinement, to speak…evoking the entire range of the complex in the act.

This is the realm of the mystics and poets, the artists and lovers, those who have immersed themselves in the complex, steeped in the whole.

To arrive at few words that speak oceans of complex…

There is some kiss we want with our whole life…. Rumi…

September 16th 2019

Photo Taken September 16th, 2019