The opposite of poverty is justice

The opposite of poverty is justice says Bryan Stevenson.

Everything is not on the other side of hard work alone. This is a myth that has been propagated maximally by those who have privilege. Be that gender, colour, money, land of birth, education, networks.

To continue to propagate this myth makes billions of people wrong simply for their state of birth and being. And in being made wrong while the myth is continued to be told makes them angry. In their anger they lash out.

The woman working hard in the bone-dry fields to scratch out food for her family is not lazy. She is not acting from entitlement.

Justice enables access. Justice is colour-blind, gender-blind, status-blind, and money blind.

It is also rare. Few of us are capable of rising above our prejudice and worldview to consider justice. Few of us take the time to examine the whole before assigning judgement.

Justice is a practice worth cultivating.

The sunrise each day reminds me that we all get to begin again, to choose again. To be just.

April 29th 2018

Photo Taken April 30th 2016


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