The paradox of transformative innovation

When we reach the end of our resources, the magic happens.

Anyone who has started something and given it their all knows this.

It feels desperate. The cupboards are bare. The bank account empty. The adrenalin rushing. Cells perturbating.

And then the point of ultimate surrender, when there is no other option but to let go.

The one thousand inner voices that have been equally demanding attention retreat.

Silence. Spaciousness. Exhale.

And from the field of silence emerges a whole new path, completely unexpected, not able to be predicted.

Transformative innovation is a birthing process. It is simultaneously messy, painful, beautiful, terrifying, exciting. The result is unpredictable by design, because it takes the process itself to shape us and give us the capacity to see and hear and sense newly.

The paradox is we might believe that we need to be fully resourced for transformative innovation to occur. It is usually the opposite. It is through the most desperate need that we become open to the field of possibility beyond our usual thinking.

November 11th 2019

Photo taken November 11th, 2019